EBCU-workshop “All About… Pilsner”.

“All About… Pilsner”, presented by Christian Andersen and Jens Eiken.

From loathed to loved. The pilsner style – or more correct pilsner styles – was loathed by the craft beer brewers and beer lovers for many years in the beer revolution. Pilsner was – and is – the industry beer über alles. More than 90 percent of all beer in the world is pilsner. Today the fine art of brewing the perhaps most difficult of beer styles is finally embraced by the craft beer brewers. In this presentation we will explain the many pilsner styles and flavours. We will try to reveal the secrets behind the fine pilsner and highlight some of our favourites.

EBCU-workshop "All about... Pilsner"

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Online (Zoom-meeting)


Donderdag 7 december, 20.00 uur.


Gratis, maar aanmelden vooraf via aanmelden online workshop

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